Juice WRLD’s Vocals On “Reminds Me Of You” Dropped By Kid LAROI

Juice WRLD
Juice WRLD

After teasing the video on social media, a new brand version of the song “Reminds Me Of You” was shared by Kid LAROI which features the artist Juice WRLD. This is one of the best collaborations on the markets today to keep an eye on.

You can check out the new version of this song by Kid LAROI featuring Juice WRLD on Spotify. You can also check this track’s video containing lyrics of the song on YouTube.This track by LAROI and Juice is the remake of the “Reminds Me” song by Kim Petras. The song by LAROI and Juice are available on the song streaming service Spotify and YouTube.

Last Summer, LAROI went on Apple Music’s show and talked about his friend WRLD and “Tell Me Why” which is the song WRLD released recently. On Apple’s music show, LAROI was honoring Juice and talking about how close they were and how LAROI learned a lot of things from Juice, and how he got influenced by Juice.

Friendship Of LAROI And Juice WRLD

Juice and LAROI are very close friends. They became friends while LAROI was in the L.A.They used to do all kinds of shit together. They became brothers in no time. LAROI spoke of Juice’s influence and mentoring on him. He talked about how when he arrived in LA he lived with Juice, Juice’s girlfriend, and his friends for three months. During that time, they bonded a lot and kicked it.

They were together in a house every day. Even when they didn’t record, they were together inside the studio. The juice was there in the studio every day because he liked recording a lot of songs.LAROI would just go there and watch him and learn how Juice was doing his magic.