Melvin Ingram Is Signed By The Steelers For One-Year

melvin ingram
melvin ingram

Pittsburgh Steelers lacked a linebacker in their squad depth, so it was expected by everyone that they would go ahead and sign one for their team. They needed someone proven to add to the depth before the 2021 season began. Melvin Ingram was the man to go for.

Following David DeCastro’s departure, the Steelers had to make moves to increase their depth. The negotiations with Defensive End Justin Houston failed, so Melvin Ingram was the next choice. 

How Melvin Ingram Became A Top Linebacker

San Diego chose Melvin Ingram as their election in round one, before the 2012 regular season. Melvin has stayed loyal to the Chargers for nine seasons while being selected for the Pro Bowl thrice from 2017. Ingram played in only seven matchups in the disappointing 2020 season. Ingram boasts of sacks in the double digits in 2015 as well as in 2017, scoring 10.5 every season.

Melvin Ingram has struggled with injuries in his whole career. He tore his ACL in 2013, his hip joint in 2014, and injured his tendon in 2020. He also faced a hamstring injury in 2019 which benched him for a couple of weeks.

Steelers will boast of their depth chart before the season that includes- Alex Highsmith, Cassius Marsh, TJ Watt, Quincy Roche, and Melvin Ingram.

The chart has completely turned on itself after Melvin Ingram has joined. If Ingram avoids injuries and just spells Watt or Highsmith, he will undoubtedly be an unstoppable unit for the San Diego Chargers. The signing of Melvin is by far the best news for the Pittsburgh Steelers that have come out of their camp in the previous week. The team’s offensive depth was also given a boost as Chaz Green was signed. Pittsburgh will start off their camp for training on 21st July.

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