Stephen Moore: Republicans Need To Focus On Negotiating With Pelosi On Coronavirus Stimulus

Before the introduction of the upcoming coronavirus stimulus plan by the Senate GOP scheduled on Monday, Economist Stephen Moore advised Republicans to focus on negotiating with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif. 12th District).

This advice from the Trump economist came after he considered that Republican lawmakers have to posit a unified stand and stop “negotiating with themselves.” Prior to Moore’s advice-warning, Republicans were calling for partisan agreement among Conservatives to negotiate the ‘$600 a week’ unemployment benefits.

Finally pointing out what the Republicans need to be doing at the moment, Moore spoke on John Catsimatidis’s radio show, “Republicans have to say what they stand for here. They have to stand up for tax cuts, deregulation, school choice. All of these things that need to be in the stimulus bill.”

The bigger problem than a bad stimulus plan is no stimulus plan altogether, suggests Stephen Moore, who fears that long-drawn negotiations are going to be worse for the economy. As the country reels under the COVID-19 pandemic, millions have lost their jobs and are looking at Congress to help them out. 

On prior events, Moore has also criticized Pelosi over the $3 trillion relief bill passed in May which he considered to be a bill that was in the interest of the liberal party. 


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