Harry Potter Reunion Review

Harry Potter Reunion
Harry Potter Reunion

Harry Potter Reunion has been one of the biggest films in recent times. It had a huge build-up and fans were excited about the movie. From the moment the news of the shooting broke, everyone became frenzied. Harry Potter has been one of the biggest selling books in the last decade. 

The magic of JK Rowling made everyone glued to the books. Rowling ignited the lost art of reading. The books were later portrayed as films by the Warner Brothers. The movies were as much a hit as the books. The Harry Potter movies generated huge revenues for the production house. 

HBO Max decided to take a trip down memory lane. On the twentieth anniversary, the streaming platform decided to film a reunion. The film was released all over the world on 1st January 2021. Fans were eagerly waiting to have a glimpse of the nostalgia once again.  

A big reveal in the Harry Potter Reunion was the presence of JK Rowling. The initial trailer did not include the author. Speculations ran wild about the author being ditched by WB. However, that was not to be. Rowling was in the film and shared her bites about the movies. Let us learn more about the Harry Potter Reunion in detail below. 

Harry Potter Reunion Not Upto The Mark 

Harry Potter Reunion started with closeups of the central characters. The scene then cuts to the hero himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel is seen conversing with the director of the initial two movies. They talk about how the movie was made and how difficult it was to decide the actors. They revealed that the toughest part was to find a suitable actor for Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter Reunion does a film-by-film dissection. They took all the films part by part and shared insights about them. This made the fans a bit disappointed. They expected something more interesting and appealing. Several fans have expressed their sadness. It now remains to be seen how well the movie does in the future.