Harry Reid, Famous Senate Majority Leader, Passes Away At 82

harry reid
harry reid

Harry Reid rose from poverty to become a Senate majority leader and represented Nevada for over 3 decades died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 82. A miner’s son, Reid was a former amateur boxer and was also a ferocious partisan fighter in the era of governmental gridlock in Congress.

He leaves behind his wife, Landra, and five children. In a written statement, President Joe Biden said that he was honored to serve a few of the greatest Senate majority leaders, and Reid was among them. He said that Reid used his power to always do right.

Kamala Harris, the US Vice President also wrote that the Senator made a significant difference in people’s lives and was an upright public servant. She said that Harry Reid never lost touch with his humble beginning in Nevada and was always there for the poor.

Harry Reid Was Instrumental In Pushing Through Obamacare

As the Senate majority leader under President Obama, he was instrumental in securing the passage of Obamacare in Congress, fending frenetic Republican opposition.

Former President Obama posted a letter he recently wrote to Reid. He wrote about his generosity and his support and encouragement which helped him become the president. It was Reid’s determination and skill that helped him achieve much, he wrote.

Though a political moderate, Harry Reid ascended in 2007 to the post of the Senate majority leader in spite of being a moderate. He differed on the environment, gun control, and abortion with many. He had strained relations with Republican leaders and clashed with them frequently.

He had a poor relationship with Mitch McConnell who acknowledged that they had their difference in a written statement.

Harry Reid had been instrumental in a historic change in the filibuster rules in the Senate. With the Republicans repeatedly blocking executive and judicial branch nominees through procedural moves, he pushed through a significant and historic change that prevents a minority party from stalling any presidential appointment except to the US Supreme Court.