Jerome Adams Believes Health Officials Would Not Follow Their Policies For Their Families

jerome adams
jerome adams

The former Surgeon General Jerome Adams has spoken out against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for its guidance. The Trump era official said that the recommendations for asymptomatic infections of only 5 days of isolation were flawed.

Jerome Adams served under Donald Trump for 4 years from 2017 and had been a prominent official of the task force set up by the federal administration to fight the coronavirus. He advised that citizens should go in for an antigen examination and should end their quarantine only if the results come out negative.

The former health official revealed he respected the CDC. Bet he said that the new guidelines were wrong and health officials would not follow the recommendation when it came to their families.

He tweeted that he had always wanted to work for the CDC and had always been an ardent defender. He said he had not anticipated a day when he would have to advise people to ignore the Center’s guidelines.

Jerome Adams Spoke Out Against Slashing The Quarantine For Asymptomatic Cases From 10 To 5 Days

Jerome Adams’ comments follow the move by CDC to slash the number of days of isolation required for asymptomatic cases that come out positive, which was cut from 10 days to only 5.

CDC has maintained that their revised recommendation was science-driven. They said that studies showed that most of the transmission of the virus happened in the earliest stages of the infection.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top expert on infectious diseases that the guidelines were influenced by the new number of cases. He also stressed that it was necessary to keep the economy running.

Dr. Fauci said that too many people mustn’t venture out without a reason. He said that asymptomatic people have to join the workforce, particularly the essential ones.

Though Jerome Adams has been fiercely critical of the CDC recommendations, Dr. Fauci has said that the fresh guidelines were very prudent. There has been a spike in demand for test kits following the detection of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.