The Chiefs May Regret Their Goal-Line Defense


The KC Chiefs coach, Andy Reid was left without an answer after his team lost against the Cincinnati Bengals. Chiefs’ fans had anxiety-inducing final moments of the game. 

The last two minutes of the game saw debatable fourth-down declarations, a match-winning goal, controversial goal-line stands, and costly penalties. The major question was should the Kansas City Chiefs have let the Cincinnati Bengals score after their scores were even at 31.

Coach Reid and the staff should have asked themselves this question. The Bengals possessed the ball. They also had at 1 a first-and-goal.

The Chiefs’ Game-Changing Decision

The Chiefs had a decision and two timeouts. They could force Cincinnati for one field goal. It would give P Mahomes just a minute and zero timeouts to try a field goal himself. 

The second option is that they give the Bengals 7 points and put faith in Mahomes. Mahomes would have had two timeouts and a couple of minutes to get overtime. 

It is not clear if Andy Reid assumed the latter. EdjSports’ data model suggested that Reid should have. The moment that the Cincinnati Bengals scored a touchdown, the odds of the KC Chiefs winning went down by 2.5%. 

The Chiefs held down Joe Burrow. EdjSports said that the chances of the Bengals winning increased by 1%. Joe Burrow was stopped one more at second down. Joe Mixon was stuffed at third down. 

Cincinnati Bengals’ coach Taylor chose six points over a field goal. Almost all trusted data models were against the choice. Somehow, Zac Taylor’s decision worked out beautifully. Patrick Mahomes did not get the chance to touch the ball after. 

Postgame three reporters surrounded Andy Reid and put forward a question each. His answer to the first question made it seem like he misunderstood the question. The second answer was very vague. Andy’s third answer made it very apparent that he wanted to avoid the question. Reid applauded his team’s defense for stopping the opponents. He did not seem to consider that it could have been the answer to their loss 34-31.