Here are details of civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis’ memorial ceremonies this weekend

On Saturday commenced the memorial ceremony to honor the late Rep. John Lewis, a well known figure of the Civil Rights Movement and a respected Georgia democrat.

The celebration would be a six day long ceremony and would feature stops in the five main cities that played an important role in his life. Several online platforms have been allowed to live-stream the ceremony.

Lewis was the representative for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District for over 30 years. He was perceived as a moral conscience of the Congress. He has the decades-long embodiment of nonviolent fight for civil rights. His oratory was supported by a record of action that included over 40 arrests at demonstrations held against social and racial injustice. He was respected for his courage and intolerance towards injustice.

His body was escorted across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Montgomery. His family urges to his well wishers to tie blue or purple ribbons at their front doors or host at their homes “John Lewis Virtual Love Events” in his honour.

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