Giving Up Is Not Bassem Awadallah’s Forte

Bassem Awadallah

A dual citizenship holder of both the US and Jordanian, Bassem Awadallah, who has been imprisoned by the Jordan government, in 2021. And his fight began then. He has been charged with 15 years of imprisonment. The Jordanian government arrested him because violated sowing sedition. The Jordan government is run by Prince Hamzah, although he has denied all kinds of allegations. Whereas Bassem Awadallah’s representatives counter-attacked mentioning every charge is fabricated against their client. And his client is not any type of citizen, but he is a former Jordan finance minister.

Bassem Awadallah Calling For Help From The US

A respected citizen of Jordan, who also served as the finance minister, Bassem Awadallah, is being humiliated by Prince Hamzah. His representative in Jordan failed to help him get out of prison. The power of the Prince overpowered them. And he is in a dire situation, launching a hunger strike, and seeking help. Injustice happened with Bassem Awadallah and begging both administrations in the US, democratic and republican to help him.

Awadallah already hired a US lawyer Michael Sullivan, whom lawmakers in congress to advocate his release. He is urging them to help them. The Republican party and Biden administration are aware of the situation, and they doing every possible thing, to release Bassem Awadallah.

Awadallah has quite a number of powerful people in his reach, although everyone failed to rescue him. He recently reached out to the Saudi Crown Prince, and after knowing about the arrest of Awadallah, he sent a delegation to Jordan. Later, the only hope was lost that the Saudi prince did meet the Jordan government, but not to rescue Bassem Awadallah but for some other reason. He has been facing emotional and psychological torture in the prison in Jordan. Awadallah has caused a threatening situation in society by breaking the Jordan regime.