Expert Says Alec Baldwin Pulled the Trigger in “Rust” Shooting; He Could Still Face Charges

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

After being cleared of all charges, Alec Baldwin could now be required to appear in the courts for the murder of the cinematographer of Rust, Halyna Hutchins, according to a recent report. According to a forensic study acquired by the media on Tuesday, the mishap had to have been caused by the Colt.46 prop revolver’s trigger being squeezed “sufficiently” in order for it to fire live shots. 

The firearms report by experts Lucien Haag and Mike Haag stated, “Alec Baldwin has repeatedly denied having pulled the trigger, but given the analysis,  observations, and findings reported there, the trigger was required to be depressed sufficiently or pulled to retract the released hammer of the concerned revolver.” 

Alec Baldwin To Face Criminal Charges Yet Again!

Upon reading the report on weapons written by the Haag brothers, who were paid by New Mexico to testify against Hannah G-Reed. This tragic event resulted from the manual retraction of the trigger to its entirely cocked, backward position and, at some time, the draw of the depression of the hammer. On the Western movie set in New Mexico in 2021 October, Alec Baldwin was handling the aforementioned firearm when it accidentally fired, injuring Joel Souza as well as murdering 42-year-old Hutchins. The 65-year-old actor-producer of Rust was accused of two charges of manslaughter by the Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office. 

Although the accusations were dropped without any prejudice around April, prosecutors Jason Lewis and Kari Morrissey stated in a court document dated June 9 that Baldwin may still be charged depending on the outcome of the continuing weapons investigation. “The state’s independent expert has received the rifle and the damaged sear for additional examination. Due to the possibility that the gun’s failure greatly affects Baldwin’s causality rather than Gutierrez’s, the accusations against Alec Baldwin were dropped without prejudice. Charges against Mr. Baldwin would move forward if it turns out that the Colt had not malfunctioned, they said back then, adding that they anticipated making a final decision charging Alec Baldwin within the next sixty days of the horrifying incident.

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