Olympics 2021 Sees China V Japan Tension

Olympics 2021
Olympics 2021

Olympics 2021 witnesses an ugly and unwanted face-off between China and Japan. Both China and Japan are strong contenders for the top spot. However, recently, Japan has reigned supreme over Chinese athletes. This has triggered outrage against the athletes of Japan. Japan and China remained at the top spot as per the latest standings. They look to expand their tally further. 

Olympics 2021 Triggers Controversy Over Japan & China Relationship 

The Japanese seem to have had the upper hand against China for the last few days. They have outshined the Chinese in many events of the Olympics 2021. The latest accomplishment of Japan was the gold medal for Daiki Hashimoto. He won the medal in the finals of Men’s Gymnastics. Hashimoto defeated Xiao Ruoteng en route to victory. 

These incidents triggered the Chinese audiences. Social media was soon full of hate comments. It abused Hashimoto & other Japanese athletes. The judgment was termed as influenced. They stated that the verdict was unfair. Fans also said that Daiki’s performance contained flaws. The Chinese fans expressed their disbelief at the decision. 

The outbreak was first spotted on Chinese social media platforms. It soon took to the more known ones. Hashimoto was attacked shamelessly. People from China spammed his inbox with hate comments. His Instagram story was subject to angry comments. Daiki was also included in derogatory posts. The gymnast was termed as the humiliation of the nation. He was accused of stealing China’s confirmed gold

Olympics 2021 saw Daiki Hashimoto create history. At only 19years of age, he won the gold medal. He became the youngest player to win the gold in gymnastics. 

The verbal attacks made the athlete turn off the settings of privacy on Instagram. That did not stop the Chinese audience from hurling cuss words at the athlete.  The Olympics 2021 does not seem to create a very pleasant memory between the two countries.