Here’s How You Can Decide Whether it’s time to quit your job

quit your job
quit your job

Feeling Stuck In Your Job? Here’s How You Can Decide Whether It’s Time To Call It Quits

Nothing is perfect in life, and we all make peace with little imperfections. Similarly, your job will never be perfect and there will always be some aspects of it that you dislike. But you may still go on working at that job because of the value you gain from it.

More often than not, the scales start to tip the other way and you may end up feeling stuck in your job. Everyone has bad days but if these days start turning into weeks and eventually you look back and feel that you were utterly dissatisfied, it may make you regret staying at such a job.

So how do you decide when it’s time to quit a job? How do you know it’s time to move on to something better? Before you take a rushed decision citing the reason that you hate your job, go through these reasons that help you determine whether it’s valid to call it quits :

  1. Toxic work environment:

Activities such as office politics can often make the work environment toxic. You may also start feeling uncomfortable if your boss or colleagues indulge in gossip and there is little value attached to the work you produce.

Working in such an unhealthy work environment day in day out can cause mental unrest and often leads to one feeling psychologically unsafe. Even if after drawing boundaries with such people you are unable to feel better, it’s best to leave the job. 

  1. Lack of growth:

Opportunities to learn new skills and expand knowledge are essential for every employee’s growth. If your company is failing to provide you relevant training & learning opportunities, it can stunt your growth and is a serious sign to quit your job.

Moreover, it’s very affordable and convenient to provide online learning solutions in today’s day and age. With tools like EduMe, businesses can deliver meaningful and well-structured content to their employees without much hassle. 

  1. Feeling burnt out:

If you are being burdened with excessive work and it’s causing you to work late hours, you may start experiencing mental fatigues. If work is starting to take a toll on your health, it may be time to reevaluate the choice of your job.

At every job, you will experience stressful days but when it’s a constant theme, you are bound to feel burnout. It is important to remember that prolonged stress can be harmful and nothing is more important than your health. 

  1. Managers stifling your creativity:

A lot of managers believe in controlling employees and deciding every aspect for them. They do not seek employee opinions nor value them. If you have been trying to share your ideas but they get rejected, it is obvious to feel frustrated.

When your manager does not encourage you to share ideas or dismiss your suggestions, it will eventually stifle your creativity. This is a red flag and if this has been an ongoing thing with your manager, it is a valid reason to quit your job.

  1. Better job:

Lastly, if you are unhappy with your current job and have a better job offer in hand it is reasonable to quit your existing job. Before you quit, make sure you have researched well about the new job and it is serving you in all ways – financial and career growth-wise.

Hastily leaving a job without understanding the roles and responsibilities is a recipe for disaster. It is always better to strategically analyze the change and cover all bases in order to avoid disappointment.


Once you have made up your mind to leave a job, make sure you exit gracefully as you would not want your current employer to provide negative feedback to your future employer.