Jennifer Granholm selected by Biden To Run Energy Department

Jennifer Granholm
Jennifer Granholm

Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm is to be selected by President-elect Biden to govern the Department of Energy. It would majorly develop tactics to substantiate his promise to wipe off fossil fuel usage. Granholm has experience in working with the auto sector.

 Her backing of the particular sector aids Biden to approach industrial workers and the mass producing industry. It would be a major shift from Trump’s former Energy assistant who only furthered natural gas sales to actually sourcing power from coal.

The Energy Department handles the country’s nuclear weaponry and also handles 17 national laboratories that have furthered technology used for the production of fossil fuel.  The achievements under the leadership of Obama including the development of wind and solar power was stained by the Solyndra issue. This had subsided after securing federal money.

Jennifer Granholm aimed to place herself as an individual aiding the country work towards a spotless energy economy. She has mentioned that the private industry requires backing and political enthusiasm from lawmakers to move towards a zero-carbon future.

Granholm was selected among imminent figures and was later approved over them. She used her show to uphold Biden’s energy plans to aid in refreshing the Rust Belt sector. She was said to have been working hard with the Clinton campaign.

Jennifer Granholm’s Act of Service

Her role in the auto sector would be vital to Biden’s aim for the country’s economy and climate change. The biggest greenhouse gas releasing sector is transportation. Biden’s path towards zero gas emissions needs huge development of vehicles.

 Jennifer Granholm has been stated to be “phenomenal” while understanding the tactics and running a huge industry.