Herschel Walker Attacked By Son Over Abortion Accusation

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker, the football legend, who now is running for Senatorship in the State of Georgia wants to completely ban abortion comparing it to murder.

It is alleged that he supported abortion once and that too for himself. It is believed that his girlfriend and he conceived a child when they were supposedly dating in 2009. He urged her to get an abortion done. After Herchel Walker’s girlfriend underwent the procedure, he reimbursed the amount to her. He totally denied the allegation. The alleged news was published by The Daily Beast.

Herschel Walker To Sue Daily Beast 

Calling the published story an outright lie, Herschel Walker denied it. Things got further complicated for walker when his adult son, Christian, lashed out on Twitter, a social media platform, pointing fingers at his father’s abusive nature and behavior. Christian urged his father to come clean by not lying and for him to stop making fun of them. He further accused his father of leaving them to fend for themselves, while he, himself went on to bang other females.

Christian came to the defense of The Daily Beast, which independently, corroborated the woman’s claims. The woman supported these claims with USD 575 receipt from the abortion clinic, a get-well card from Walker, and a signed personal check from Walker.

Calling the published story a false one that aims to slander his reputation. Herschel Walker said he even planned to take The Daily Beast Publisher to court.

In his own defense he says being blessed he wanted to bless others as well, he says that he send numerous get-well cards and many checks to the needy. And that’s about it, so how does all this tie him up with the abortion case in particular? He has very strongly denied ever paying for the abortion.