Herschel Walker’s Fans Unfazed By Revelation Of Abortion

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker

Pastor Anthony George had no intention of standing up for Herschel Walker. However, George found him defending Herschel Walker’s candidacy on the basis of Christianity when a well-known Baptist preacher invited Herschel Walker inside his chapel this past week for planned prayer gathering with religious leaders. Herschel Walker’s Senate run has been clouded by personal controversy.

The most important thing, he claimed, is what Herschel Walker has pledged to accomplish if elected. George in an interview said that he thinks that Christians who engage in the process of politics and people who were a pastor will always be confronted with people less than their ideal or things that will contradict the belief of the man.

Since it became known that the erstwhile football player and self-acclaimed “pro-life” Repub apparently paid for such an abortion of a former partner in 2009, evangelical Christian organizations in Georgia and also the Republican Establishment as a whole have united to back Walker. Hershel Walker has established himself as having a strict, “no exceptions” stance on abortion.

Herschel Walker Rile Up Christian Fans As The Abortion News Revealed:

A scar on Walker’s 13-month candidacy has been claims of domestic violence and fathering a child outside of marriage, as well as other violations of traditional marriage norms. In a piece published wednesday evening, The Daily Beast claimed that the lady, whose abortion Walker has paid for is indeed the mom of a few of his kids. These discoveries continued.

Christian leaders have thus far continued to back him, claiming that he shares their views on important policy issues. Since the ascent of President Trump, a political age that has acclimated religious people to stories of obscene Republican conduct, it has become a frequent habit among Christian conservatives.

Herschel Walker spent the day following the new incident with George and a group of Believers who stated they were fully behind them at George’s 13k-member First Christian Church of Atlanta.