Hillary Clinton Let Off The Hook In The 2016 Conspiracy Case By Judge Middlebrooks

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

A federal judge has dismissed Donald Trump’s case against Hillary Clinton saying the former Republican President’s allegation that Democrats tried to rig the elections by linking his campaign to Russia was an attempt to flaunt political grievances that did not belong in the 


Donald Trump Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton A Damp Squib

Judge Donald Middlebrooks of the US district court of Southern Florida said the lawsuit was not looking for any rectifications for any legal harm. The court was not the right place for Donald Trump’s misgrievances. Trump’s lawyers have submitted a two-hundred-page complaint against people who have opposed him and dared to cross his path.

Trump in March had sued Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, and several other Democrats alleging ‘racketeering’ and conspiring with Russia during the elections. He had asked for compensatory damages saying he had spent 24 million dollars in legal fees, defense costs, and related expenses.

Judge Middlebrooks has further stated that the lawyers of Trump did not pay heed to what Charles Dolan, a member of the Clinton Team said. Dolan had time and again said their allegations were false and baseless, to which Trump’s lawyers turned a deaf ear.

Trump’s lawyers have been asked to pay $ 50,000 to the court as penalties and $16,274,23 to Charles Dolan as his legal fees.

Middlebrook also said that unnecessarily people and organizations were harassed. They were forced to come to court and hire lawyers to defend themselves. The court also was kept in the dark as important and valid points had been omitted to mislead the court. It was a contempt of the court and all that it holds precious.

George Doumar who is Charles Dolan’s lawyer said the sanctity of the court has been upheld by this ruling.

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