US Voters Deciding The Future 

2022 midterms

This midterm election is breathing down on everybody. Not only candidates but voters are on the verge, their votes matter now more than ever. There is a skinny line before the republicans and democrats win. The table can turn any moment now.

Voters’ Response Can Bring Back The Republicans

Biden disclosed many life-changing schemes before the election and won some instances against the republicans, where Biden was backed up by judges supporting his case. Republicans have already lost in Pennsylvania. Democrats reclaimed the place there, John Fetterman took control again. Fetterman’s win took a lot of burden off of the democrat’s shoulders. Though settling the senate will be time-consuming for the democrats. Republicans still need Arizona and Nevada and lastly Georgia to take control of the house, they have already lost one.

Currently, Republicans and Democrats are on the same level. If the voters bring back the republicans the democrats along with Biden will have to go through many layers of investigation. However, Governor Ron DeSantis’s win can lead to a win over the majority and could set the path for the 2024 presidential run. Republicans have been hoping to gain major votes by taking advantage of the inflation. Democrats winning in Pennslyvania gave some space to chalk out the rest, as Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada’s results are yet to declare. Wednesday reports say there are still 600,000 votes remaining to count. These 600,000 votes will decide the future of Democrats or Republicans, whoever wins.

The Republicans’ win at Alaska is confirmed, but who will be in the seat to rule is not yet clear. The former president Donald Trump is facing a hard time. The voters in the suburbs have gone a long way to protect democrats and to stop the red wave across the country.