Homeland Security and Oregon reach deal to begin withdrawing federal agents from Portland

Homeland Security
Homeland Security

The controversial decision of sending the State agents to Portland in early July had created tensions and strains on different levels, leading to more protests demanding police accountability and justice.

However, if the recent reports are to be believed, the State administration has agreed with Oregon’s governor to pull back these federal agents from downtown Portland.

The agents were described as a protection for a courthouse that had been a point of focus for the angry demonstrators.

Governor Kate Brown and Wolf, touted the agreement that took place on Wednesday. The Oregon police is will supposedly co-operate with the authorities to ensure that State facilities like the courthouse are protected.

Brown took to her Twitter handle to express that the officers have not soothed the matter. “The federal government has agreed to withdraw federal officers from Portland. They have acted as an occupying force & brought violence,” she said. Vice President Mike Pence was present in the discussion too.

According to the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, the local authorities expect an intervention by the higher agencies only in case of violent activity occurrence. This has come as a rather surprising turn after the initial expectation of the officers was of a continuous stay atleast till mid October.

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