Federal coronavirus “red zone” of severe outbreaks expands to 21 total states

Federal coronavirus
Federal coronavirus

Despite Dr. Anthony Fauci warning several states of the Coronavirus surge, and  despite several attempts at battling it, Florida reached a new record on Tuesday, of 186 of its residents being dead due to the virus.

The record comes as a contrast to the nationwide data which shows the rate is on a decline. However, in states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Florida, the rate has been on an increase only.

These parts of the nation which are showing an upsurge in the COVID 19 cases have been placed in the “red zone” as categorized by the government. In order to save the nation from another surge, the red zone has been extended to 21 states.

The states are now on the move to control the virus spread to the most possible extent. Whereas bars are being ordered to be closed by 5 in the evening in Kentucky, the other states have issued guidelines that must be adhered to, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Dr. Deborah Birx says that the virus is reportedly moving North.

Alongside the Florida reports, reports have come of the spread amongst the Miami Marlins, grown to Seventeen players and staff.

The horror of the pandemic can be imagined by the news of a funeral home in Hialeah using a refrigerated holder to store bodies after surpassing their maximum number.

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