Republicans Revel As House Democrats Display Frustration Over Confusing Signals From White House

White House

House Democrats expressed frustration at the White House and President Biden, giving the Republicans fodder for mirth. In February alone, the president has twice held back vetoes on Republican-led bills which left many Democratic Representatives aghast.

Most Democrat representatives were dead against the bills and were given confusing signals from the White House. The latter initially signaled that President Biden was also against it. But the White House later held back from vetoing the bills.

The Communications director for the campaign arm of the Republicans, Jack Pandol tweeted that the whole issue of the difference between the White House and the House Democrats was comical and called it a “Lucy & the football act” from the Peanuts comic strip.

House Democrats Signing Of Bill To End COVID National Emergency

The latest breaking point between the White House and the House Democrats came over the Republicans’ plans to terminate the national emergency over COVID-19. The White House had initially indicated that it would wait till May.

House Democrats majorly voted against the bill following a White House statement that the passage of the Republican-sponsored bill could lead to uncertainty and massive chaos in the healthcare sector.

But before the Senate vote on Wednesday, the word was out from the White House that the president would not veto the Republican bill. It was passed 68 to 23. To be fair to the White House it did not say that it would veto the bill at any point. But it strongly opposed the bill’s enactment and had observed that it would amount to a deep disservice to Americans.

Democratic Representative Abigail Spanberger said that the actions of the White House appeared like cooperation at the kindergarten level. But the White House official has also said that Biden would give assent to the bill if it came to him. He added that the administration would go ahead with its work of winding down the COVID national emergency but not before notifying Americans who could be impacted.