Justice Department Calls For Rejection Of Legal Theory Of Donald Trump Supporters

Justice Department Department of Justice
Justice Department

Justice Department appealed to the Supreme Court to dismiss the Legal Theory floated by the followers of Donald Trump, the ex-President of the United States of America. The followers of D Trump tried their best to reverse the results of the presidential election in 2020. Elections held in the future could change because of this as per Justice Department.

Those in support of the theory are of the opinion that the state legislature should be empowered to be able to change the set rules in federal elections without the interference of the constitution of the state, through the court or state constitution reforms.

There is fear among groups with the voting right that this would change the face of the federal election if the court came out in support of the placed doctrine. This would give the legislature immense power to change rules per his whims and fancies.

Justice Department Urges Supreme Court

The Democrats expect that before the High Court arrives at a verdict, the Republicans in the midterm will push for the legal challenge, quoting the theory.

North Carolina legislature from the Republican Party now asks the Justices to reverse the order of the L Court, which had ruled in favor of the Democrats. They cite the clause of election in the constitution which states that governing rules must be well prescribed in the legislature of each and every state. According to the theory floated, the state legislature should have full authority to set rules.

As per tradition, the state legislatures have set rules but they are subject to the approval of the court and election authorities.

Lawmakers of the Republican Party in an appeal in the Supreme Court have stated that the law pertaining to the election, very clearly specifies that the rules for the election are to be laid down by the legislature and it should be subject to no interference from either the local court or the election authority. Most members of the conservative party are very apprehensive of this theory. They do not want the partial adoption of the theory that is presently doing the rounds in the court.

The Justice Department has appealed for rejection of this.

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