House Plans Separate Aid Packages Amid Speaker Mike Johnson’s Ouster Threat

Mike Johnson

House Speaker Mike Johnson announced Monday the House’s intention to address aid for Israel and Ukraine separately this week, in response to pressure from the far right. The decision, coming amidst looming threats to his speakership, is a significant move for the Louisiana Republican.

Mike Johnson Voices Concern at Conference

Johnson, speaking after a GOP conference meeting, highlighted the global importance of the pending decisions, anticipating a Friday vote on the bills. Despite efforts to address concerns, including from GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has hinted at ousting Johnson, criticism persists.

While Johnson remains focused on governance, potential procedural maneuvers could still combine the aid packages, inviting further contention within the GOP. Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs opposes merging bills, arguing for clear accountability on individual funding components.

The aid measures include provisions for the Indo-Pacific and efforts to counter adversaries, with specific attention to Ukraine, such as seizing Russian assets and humanitarian relief loans. Former President Donald Trump’s openness to structuring Ukraine aid as a loan adds another layer to the debate.

Democrats urge immediate action on a Senate-passed foreign aid package, emphasizing recent events in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. However, divisions persist within the Republican Party over additional aid to Ukraine, intensifying the challenge to Johnson’s leadership.

Facing Greene’s motion to oust him, Johnson labels it a distraction from broader party goals. The outcome remains uncertain, with Greene adamant about challenging Johnson’s leadership, potentially reshaping the dynamics within the GOP.