Ozzy Osbourne Leaves US Owing To Gun Violence

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is British by blood and from California by choice, but after decades in California, he’s all good to go.

After more than 20 years in LA, Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon are going to some back to their Buckinghamshire home, Ozzy told the Observer in an interview. In the early 2000s, Osbourne’s family in California was notably captured in the MTV series  known as “The Osbournes.”

According to the Observer, guns in the United States were one of the factors that prompted him to go back to the United Kingdom full-time.

Ozzy Osbourne Talks About Guns In The US

“I’m tired of seeing people slaughtered every day,” Ozzy remarked on American violence. “Nobody knows exactly how many individuals were killed in shootings in the schools. And then there was that massive massacre at that concert in Vegas… it’s insane.”

He also stated that he did not want to die in the United States. “I’m from England. I’d want to return.”

According to the GVA, which refreshed its numbers on Monday, there will be approximately 440 or more mass shootings in the United States year 2022. The Las Vegas mass shooting Osbourne mentioned happened in 2017 and murdered 58 people, making it the worst large-scale shooting in the country’s history.

The US has changed so significantly, Sharon Osbourne stated, adding that there is “nothing unifying about it.” Last year, she stepped into heated discussions when she supported her pal Morgan in a fight with Underwood on the daytime show “The Talk,” and she later quit the show when colleagues accused her of being racist and passing homophobic comments.

Ozzy Osbourn shared earlier during this year that he wanted to depart for a different reason: According to a UK publication, Osbourne stated in March that the taxes seemed to be too high and that, while he misses Los Angeles, he does not want to stay in the States and keep paying such exorbitant taxes.

The Osbournes return to the United Kingdom in February, according to the Observer, where Osbourne has stated that he would continue to compose music. The new album he recorded while suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses, will be published next month.