How casinos use technology to make customers feel welcome 


Casinos have always been popular attractions, even to those who aren’t big gamblers. The extravagant resorts of Las Vegas and Macau draw thousands of visitors every month, enticed by the glitz and glamour of their opulent surroundings. The Las Vegas strip is an iconic site, with tourists eager to take in the fantastic architecture, dazzling shows, and gourmet food. Most people drop a few quarters into a slot machine just to say they did, rather than camping out at the high-roller tables for the duration of their stay. 

Diverse themed games 

Part of the reason that casinos appear so welcoming is their investment in new technologies. Take the aforementioned slot machines for example, gone are the one-armed bandits of old, modern slot machines have been digitised, displaying the reels on large video screens. These machines are often themed with enticing designs and tie-ins with popular culture, like the Batman slot. People are far more likely to try playing something that looks familiar, rather than pick a strange machine at random. Online casinos take a similar approach, the advantage here being that they can accommodate a wider range of games, ensuring that they can cater for a wider range of customers. 

Mobile apps 

But it’s not just the machines themselves where technological advancements shine. With mobile technology developing at an astonishing rate it has opened the doors for casinos to put more control in the hands of their visitors. Many casinos have their own downloadable app that will allow players to play their favourite games offsite. While onsite, they can be used to order food and drinks, call the valet, make reservations at nearby restaurants or buy tickets for upcoming shows. These apps can also be used to send push notifications, alerting players to new deals, time-limited bonuses, and personalised recommendations and discounts.  

Tailored communication  

Online casinos have received a similar boost from technology. The use of online marketing, including the purchase of advertising space, email marketing campaigns, and push notifications, has made it so much easier to reach customers with news and offers. Online casinos – like these listed on – rely on registration bonuses to draw in new customers, and being able to quickly and easily advertise them all over the world makes it much easier for them to attract new clients. 

Learning from customer behaviour 

The use of data tracking software also enables sites to see which types of games are most popular, so they can supply more of the same. They can follow the path a visitor takes through the site and work out which pages they visit more frequently, and if there are any pages which turn people away. This is a quick and easy way of gathering incredibly valuable feedback which land-based casinos just can’t replicate. Nothing makes players feel more welcome then when they feel personally catered for, and online casinos can now make use of this technology to personalise customers’ experiences. Customers can then be targeted with offers that interest them, making them feel valued, and also benefitting the casino because when they redeem these offers, they keep playing. 

Live dealers to achieve the real atmosphere 

While online casinos have been overtaking real casinos in terms of popularity, there is one aspect of land-based casinos that it is very difficult to replicate online, and that’s the atmosphere. That feeling of sitting at a table, bantering with the dealer and fellow gamblers, and just enjoying the interactions with other people. Online casinos might be convenient and easy to access, but they have traditionally lacked that personal feel. Until now. New technology allows players to stream from live casino tables staffed with real dealers. The dealers can see messages typed by the players and respond to them, and the players get the authentic feel of watching the cards being dealt and turned, without feeling that a computer system is rigged against them. Live dealers have proved immensely popular and casinos are now looking at ways to make the experience even more interactive, such as using virtual reality or augmented reality technology. 

Support 24/7 

Another area where technological advances have really been able to benefit customers is in customer support. Where previously players would have had to call a helpline number, they are now able to access 24hr online help through automated chatbots or online messengers which connect instantly to employees. There’s nothing more frustrating for customers than having a major issue that interrupts their relaxation time, and online help centres can resolve these far more quickly, helping the players to get back to their games. 

The introduction of technology into our everyday lives has had numerous benefits. Activities and knowledge have become more accessible, but in return people expect services faster and more efficiently, because finding an alternative has never been easier. Casinos, both land-based and online, are using new technologies to better service their customers and create environments where people feel welcomed, and where they want to come back to play again and again.