Coronavirus News: 1st Dog With COVID In US Dies, NYC Family Details Fight To Get Pet Tested

Buddy, a 6-year-old German Shepherd living with a family in Staten Island, US, dies after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The family, in an exclusive interview with National Geographic, describes their last few days with their canine buddy before he becomes the first dog in the US to test positive for the novel coronavirus.

Since mid-April, Buddy started having breathing trouble, says the Mahoneys. On Easter, their dog report declared that he was detected to possess to Covid-19.

The 6-year-old Buddy had developed thick mucus in his nose and had to breathe heavily. He also lost a lot of weight and became lethargic.

The family mentions that there’s so much focus on saving human lives and so little known about the virus infecting animals that it was difficult for the family even to find a veterinarian to test him for the virus.

They could not get him tested before a month’s delay.

During Buddy’s last days the family describes, “It looked like it was his insides coming out. He had it [clotted blood] all over. It was coming from his nose and mouth. We knew there was nothing that could be done for him from there. What are you going to do for a dog with this? But he had the will to live. He didn’t want to go.”