Mike Pence Says That History Will Consider Trump Accountable For 6th January

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

The ex vice president of the United States has some blistering comments to make about Donald Trump, the former president of the country. Mike Pence thinks Trump’s name will be on the history books for being accountable for the 6th January attack.

Mike Pence started in the dinner that featured politicians to make jokes about the most noteworthy figures in DC. They often make light comments about presidents, vice presidents and some other Republicans who might run in the presidential elections in 2024.

However, Mike Pence decided to go on a serious note when he said that the 6th January attack on the Capitol was something he will never joke about. He said that he consider that day tragic. The former vp also criticized the former president for his role in the whole incident. He said that Trump was wrong to think that Pence had the authority to change the results that day.

Mike Pence Criticized Donald Trump For His Role:

Mike Pence said that the president was wrong in his assumptions as he had no right to change the results of that day. He said he could not overturn the election and the words Trump used have endangered his family that day. He said that he knows history will always consider Trump accountable.

Pence also said that no tourist will injure police officers, not 140 at a time while just sightseeing, and they don’t damage the properties of the government. Mike Pence said that things that happened on 6th January was an always will be a disgrace.

He added that people have the rights to know about the truth of that day. He said that he expect the members of the 4th estate continues to do everything that is their job.

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