The Jan 6 Panel States Trump Campaign Used Election Lies To Deceive Funders

jan 6 panel

Trump’s closest campaign advisers, top government officials, and even his family were dismantling his false claims of 2020 election fraud ahead of the deadline set by the Jan 6 panel, but the defeated president appeared “detached from reality” and continued to cling to outlandish theories to stay in power, according to the committee investigating the Capitol attack.

The panel is set out in step-by-step fashion how Trump rejected his own campaign team’s statistics as state after state shifted to Joe Biden, instead of latching on to conspiracy theories, court fights, and his own assertions of victory rather than concede defeat, with fascinating testimony.

Trump’s “great lie” of election fraud became marching orders, summoning supporters to Washington and then sending them to the Capitol on January 6 to prevent Biden’s victory.

Revelations From The Jan 6 Panel Meeting

The House Jan 6 panel spent the morning diving into Trump’s claims of election fraud, as well as the numerous attempts made by others around him to persuade the defeated Republican president that they were untrue and that he had just lost the election.

The witnesses on Monday, all Republicans and many of whom spoke via prerecorded recordings, recounted Trump’s refusal to listen to people closest to him, including his family, in stark and sometimes exasperated detail. The president selected his side as the people surrounding him broke into a “team normal” led by former campaign manager Bill Stepien and others led by Trump confidant Rudy Giuliani.

Trump was “becoming increasingly unhappy” on election night, according to Stepien, and refused to accept the bleak picture of his presidency.

Son-in-law Jared Kushner tried to pull Trump away from Giuliani’s far-fetched voter fraud accusations. The president was not having it.

The back-and-forth grew more heated in the weeks leading up to Jan. 6. Richard Donoghue, a former Justice Department official, remembered breaking down one claim after another — from a truckload of ballots in Pennsylvania to a lost bag of ballots in Georgia — and told Trump, that most information is incorrect.  

Despite the fact that dozens of court proceedings had failed, he continued to make bogus allegations, as revealed during the Jan 6 panel meeting.

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