How plagiarism checkers are impacting the academic writing?

The latest technologies are impacting tremendously on educational institutions by providing easy access of reliable information to teachers, students & researchers. The growth in innovative technologies makes it easy for people to utilize other works as their own. Plagiarism checkers like Prepostseo, academichelp, plagiarismsearch plagiarism checkers have capability of identifying your work if you commit plagiarism. 

Pretending to own ideas of others without referring to the actual owner is called plagiarism. Academic students do not have much skills of properly reference the real author to prevent plagiarism and thus end up by committing it. 

Some writers and researchers consider that everything available on the Internet is free from problems of legal or intellectual property, which becomes the cause of huge growth of plagiarism. Although digitization has led to an increase in plagiarism, it has also led to the development of plagiarism detection tools that are used to control it. 

Now a days, we can find information at one click, so, it is necessary for teachers and educators to look for a reliable plagiarism checker. There is a wide variety of plagiarism checkers, but just a small number of them are found efficient. Let’s discuss major impacts of plagiarism on academic writing. 

Impact of Plagiarism Checkers on Academic Writing 

The implementation of plagiarism checking tools indeed affect the working of academic writers. Academics have welcomed the integration of this in-depth analysis into the evaluation of students’, teachers’, and researchers’ work. An objective measure of plagiarism is provided, keeping in view the academic perception. The plagiarism reports are generated by the plagiarism checkers which serve as a valuable tool. 

It is also demonstrated that with the development of plagiarism checkers, the time to analyze students’ submissions has been reduced. Quick evaluation and faster responses to the students’ submissions are also included in its beneficial effects. 

Features of plagiarism checking tools 

Something written to meet the requirement of a school, college or university is called academic writing. It is also used for publication that are read by instructors, researchers, or general public and further presented at conferences. Some common assignments of academic writers are Essays, research papers, research proposals and thesis. To make it easy for the readers, the writing of the Academic writers must be structural, concise, and clear, supported by formal tone and style. It should not be complex and complicated vocabulary must be avoided. 

Plagiarism Checker is an evaluation tool to check the similarities of the contents with others to verify duplicate contents within a file or document. Many plagiarism checking tools are available on the Internet but you have to choose the plagiarism tool which must have the following vital features: 

1.Free or cost effective 

There is no need to pay to check that the content in the report of the academic writer is copied from another source when there are a lot of free options available. Occasionally, free plagiarism checking tools are more than enough to get the results. No need to spend money to check the copied content, finding out the original sources and other details. All features are available free of cost and in fact provides decent consequences. 

2.Safe to use 

Finding a freeware plagiarism checker tool for checking plagiarism does not mean that it is safe to use. On the internet, information leakage is a big issue. We need to use our intellectual skills to search for the safe tool for our content. It must be ensured that our submitted content is not being copied, stored or sold in this tool. 


When we check the plagiarism, the results of the plagiarism checker must cover all the online resources and internal databases. Many plagiarism checkers are available on the internet that only detect the article from the simplest website like Wikipedia or from the limited database which are not considered as reliable. 

4.Interactive with enhanced capability 

The tool must be interactive and user friendly. Different text based file formats such as HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, and PDF must be supported by your selected plagiarism checker. Also, it must be capable of performing on all platforms. 

5.Accurate and Instant Results  

Plagiarism checker must be fast and accurate. A tool that takes huge time for scanning a single page or consumes more time for few more pages cannot be selected. An efficient plagiarism checker provides instant and accurate results in no time. 


Academic writing is challenging and the academic community must educate the students on the concept of plagiarism. It requires effective time management skills and the ability to use citation management system. Additionally, before final submission, the quality and level of the content can be improved by using final control. 

Plagiarism can be removed by using the best suitable plagiarism checking tools.  Innovative technologies are available both as a blessing and as a curse. It is up to us to use these technologies only for our benefits. It is concluded that the academic writing will become easier and effortless if you adopt an efficient plagiarism checker tool, comprising of all the above features.