MCU Alum Simu Liu Drops Off Hints On Probable Shang-Chi Collab With Marvel Superheroes

Simu Liu

A new addition to the Marvel franchise, the Shang-Chi starring Simu Liu spews up some secrets about a possible collaboration with other members coming in sooner than we think. The star told sources that he’s a huge fanatic for both the performers on-screen and their characters as followed by Marvel comics.

Simu Liu Super-stoked For Upcoming Marvel Film Featuring His Character Alongside Other Superheroes

The 33-year-old Canadian actor gave People magazine an insight on this year’s Academy of Motion Arts & Sciences Sci-Tech Award Show held this Friday eve. Simu Liu revealed some buzzing hotlist as he hinted at another Marvel film floating up to the horizon which will feature superhero Shang-Chi in interaction with the other bigshots MCU comic characters. 

The People’s Choice Award Winner who’s also featured in the upcoming ‘Barbie’ movie says he’s also been a fanatic to both of the comic characters and their performers on-screen, so any sort of opportunity that brings him closer to working alongside the heroes, who themselves broke countless barriers to reach up to ace at the top to their game.

The movie star seems excited as a fan and most to be a performer alongside his heroes. He concluded the conversation by hinting up a little tease saying who knows, the superhero team-up might be coming in sooner than we realize making fans bounce off the walls.

Although Marvel or Disney is yet to announce any official release on the possible sequel toShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.’ Simu Liu is currently being awaited for his appearance in the much-anticipated Greta Gerwig film Barbie, which is coming out soon this following year, something cinephiles have been looking forward to. The actor shared he was grateful for the opportunity he was given to be cast in Barbie, this served as an out-of-the-box experience for him after filming Shang-Chi.