How to get started on Instagram 


Instagram is one of the most popular, most successful and most used social media apps worldwide. With over one billion users, it can be confirmed that Instagram is a huge part of modern society and has become a part of most peoples’ day to day lives. If you have not yet tried out the booming social media app but you’d like to start out and give it a try, it can be a bit daunting and confusing at first. There are so many people who use the app, many growth services like Growthoid that help people gain more Instagram followers, and so many people who have mastered the art of Instagram, so it can be intimidating at first. If you need some help getting started on Instagram, here are some ways to set up your own account for success. 

Download the App 

The first step to starting your Instagram account is to download the Instagram app. This can be done on any smart device that has an app store. Instagram is available for both apple and android users, so you can download it on pretty much any device. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to create your own account. You’ll have to start by creating a username and password. Your username is what will appear under all of your posts and at the top of your page. You will then have to add your bio, and a profile picture. All of these features will make your account identifiable by others. This means that someone can search your username, and double check that they have found the correct account by reading your bio and looking at your profile picture.  

Username, Profile Picture and Bio 

When choosing a username, you should try to make it as simple and as related to you as possible. It is not advised to add too many numbers or special characters as this makes it difficult to search your username. Try to keep the special characters and numbers to a minimum and keep your username as simple as possible. When choosing a profile picture, make sure that your picture is good quality and that you can see the subject in the picture. It is important to make sure that users can see your profile picture well as this is one of the main ways for people to identify your account and draw people in. A bio is essentially a short description of your account and your content. It is important to include a few keywords about your account in you bio, as Instagram will advertise your account to other users who have searched similar keywords.  

Link Other Accounts and Post your First Image 

Link your other social media accounts to this account, you can do this by adding a link in your bio, and make sure people are aware of your online presence. You can do this by going to your account options, and simply copy and pasting the link in your bio. Now that your account has been set up, it is time to post your first picture. When posting your first picture, make sure that the picture is good quality, eye catching and relevant to the audience you want to attract. If you post a picture with poor quality, people will tend to just scroll past without paying any attention to it. It is easiest to grab people’s attention by making use of bright colours, or posting a picture of something fun and unique. Remember to make use of Instagram’s features such as hashtags, tagging people in the picture, and tagging a location. All of these features make your post more discoverable to other users, among the many ways to get followers. Don’t forget to include a short caption including a few keywords about that post, your account or something that relates to your account.  

To summarize, getting started on Instagram can be daunting, but it is fairly simple to set up a successful account when you know how. Downloading the app should be easy and readily available on any app store. After you’ve downloaded the app, setting up your username, password, profile picture and bio are the next steps and once your account has been set up, make sure that your first post is good enough for someone to want to follow you because of it.