Chris Evans Reveals That He Did A Tim Allen Impression For New Buzz Lightyear

chris evans
chris evans

After four Toy Tale films, Pixar’s newest feature, Lightyear, explores the story of the guy who inspired the popular action figure voiced by Tim Allen. Buzz is a space ranger on an interstellar journey, leading a band of recruits in a battle against invaders in this narrative.

Chris Evans, who replaces Allen as Buzz’s voice, has some knowledge of playing such a character thanks to his time as Captain America, and his previous work as a Marvel superhero has influenced his depiction of Lightyear. Though Chris Evans claims he did not meet or speak with Allen during the production of the film, the two share the same birthdate.

Chris Evans Will Voice Buzz Lightyear

It would also relate the picture too closely to Toy Movie, according to MacLane, when the film wants to be a stand-alone story. The LGBTQ plotline involving Uzo Aduba’s character, a close buddy of Buzz and a fellow space ranger, is one of the most significant aspects of this new tale. A short same-sex kiss is featured in the picture, which was apparently removed during the filming process but was subsequently restored after Pixar employees protested Disney’s response to Florida’s “Do not Say Gay” statute.

The film also has important Black female roles, which Keke Palmer, who plays Buzz’s love interest, says “is basically about ushering in the normality of all of these things that have been going on for a long time.” I am just glad we are presenting the world as it is and has always been. It is a lovely thing.”

Buzz‘s robo-cat buddy Sox, who even noted dog lover Chris Evans claimed helped him “really warm up to cats,” may be the breakout star of Lightyear.