Huskers Get Their Sixth Straight Loss After Blowing 15-Point Lead Against Iowa


In a 2021 season where Nebraska Huskers losing close games became the norm and the only drama was the exact manner they would find to fall short on any given gameday, Scott Frost’s fourth team saved perhaps its most inventive work for last.

In this bizarro world of this particular autumn, that also meant it was perhaps also the most predictable.

Nebraska Huskers Struggled All Season Long

Nebraska Huskers, a team that struggled on special teams all season long and developed a propensity for turnovers and clinched a fifth straight losing season because of it, on Friday at Memorial Stadium lost to an Iowa team that put together another gleaming record because of its dominant special teams’ units and ability to take the football away.

The path to get to that result featured some new faces, namely Huskers freshman quarterback Logan Smothers, who started hot in his first career start but also turned the ball over twice in the fourth quarter, and 22 straight points from the visitors over the 15 minutes, 27 seconds after Nebraska had worked its way to a 21-6 lead.

Even then, even after leading for 46:56 of game time, the final result felt predictable. Sure enough, Iowa owned the fourth quarter, 19-0. 

Cam Taylor-Britt stated that it was unfortunate that a team so great could do so many things good and it just turns out bad. He had no answers for the game as it felt like an ongoing game, which happened every week. 

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