I Got Your Back, Says Doja Cat

Doja Cat

Many started comparing Doja Cat with Britney Spears’s 2007’s look. Head and eyebrows are completely shaved. And many even made fun of Britney Spears. But Doja Cat once again proved she got her back no matter what, defending those filthy comments saying that unjustified to say something like that against a woman who has been through hell. And that is nothing like with her at all. People have to need to check their comments and thoughts before any comment further or even comparison. And all those comments made here sick to the stomach.

Change Has A New Meaning In Doja Cat’s Life

The 27-year-old singer has been in the headline for making bold moves. And this time was no different, Cat shaved her head and eyebrows because she wanted a change in her life. And being an icon it was a courageous move. However, she nailed it again. And women have a thing for a change, Doja Cat is not the first one who shaved her head for a change neither will be the last one to do so. It was an impulsive decision.

And she wanted to be the real one, not doesn’t like wearing a wig at all. Doja Cat felt relieved after doing an impulsive thing, she could see her face clearly and will do some necessary changes to get back in shape.

And shaving her head reminded fans of Britney Spears’s face, Doja Cat defended her by all means. And wigs have burnt Cat’s soul out, as she stated whenever she started working out it would slide off of her head, which is annoying. And it became an extra responsibility to manage, she was always alert. In a second paparazzi could capture her embarrassing moment and it would make headlines. Which nobody wants, and not of course Doja Cat herself.