Dave Bautista Questioning His Abilities

Dave bautista

After retiring from the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Dave Bautista has expressed his thoughts about doing different roles, rather than what he has been doing all along. Only a few parts have come his way, he started questioning himself, is he even worthy of doing other parts? He shared his wish to do a rom-com, but that hasn’t happened yet. He is currently working on a project, a thriller, Knock at The Cabin. But keeping his hopes high that one day he will be in a rom-com movie.

Wrestler Face Might Be Costing Roles Of Dave Bautista

In his own words, he often looks at himself in the mirror and asks, is he attractive enough? What is stopping the producers and directors from offering him a sane role in a rom-com? Dave Bautista rants about his looks. His self-esteem has gone down, but keeping the positive side in his mind would eventually land him in a funny role to play. Dave Bautista wishes to do a chameleon’s role.

And he further shared that he has the capability to ace any role he has been given. Sarah Finn’s words about Lee Pace’s performance and how great he is. Dave Bautista also wants to feel the same way. He can do anything, and he wants his legacy to continue.

He could ace any character play in any genre, comedy action, or even thriller or horror, and he wants to leave behind this legacy of being an all-rounder. And the recent massive success of Glass Onion, Dave Bautista played a role there, he was immensely proud of himself that he could leave behind the character of Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Somewhere, he still feels Drax has outshined his abilities in other parts.