January 6 Committee Speeds Up Investigation

January 6 Committee
january 6 committee

January 6 Committee is currently determined in finding out the guilty parties for the Capitol Attacks. The US Capitol faced the biggest security breach as it saw protestors attack the Capitol on the 6th of January. Most politicians pointed their fingers at Donald Trump citing him as the culprit. They stated that Trump made the protesters attack the White House deliberately after losing the Presidential election to Joe Biden. After the election results were declared, Donald Trump seemed shocked. He could not believe that Joe Biden had won.

Trump immediately started to call his allies and ask them to overturn the decisions. He also called some of the polling centers and threatened the executives to redo the counting once again. Trump publicly stated that the results have been tampered with and the real winner was not Joe Biden. However, all these whimsical statements from the former President resulted in a great deal of tension among the citizens. According to popular opinions, the confused state of the local people made them attack the US Capitol. An investigation team was instantly formed. The January 6 Committee has decided to speed up their investigation. They have announced an added hearing on Tuesday. This was a surprise announcement as it was not declared earlier. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

January 6 Committee Announces New Hearing 

The January 6 Committee has announced a new hearing on Tuesday. Cassidy Hutchinson is expected to appear for trials on Tuesday’s session. Hutchinson was a former aide to the well-known politician, Mark Meadows. 

This will be the sixth hearing session for the month of June. The January 6 Committee will be commencing the hearing at 1 pm EST. However, the topics are still not revealed by the committee. 

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