Stimulus Check Update: Payment Worth $1,500 And $750 Coming Out

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Over 10,000 residents in the state of Alabama will be expecting to see the stimulus check payment starting on the 28th of February. This money is going to be a part of the Child Care Workforce Stabilization grants. The program will be launched under the Alabama Department of Human Resources. 

Stimulus check grant money in Alabama

The first stimulus check round provided around 1,278 child care providers money between December 2021, and January 2022. It is being reported that full-time workers will be receiving the entire $1,500. 

Part-time employees will be expecting a stimulus sum of $750. The grant is usually provided quarterly and will end on September 2023. The funding will come in from the American Rescue Plan. In its entirety, around 10,065 workers have been entirely approved of the stimulus money. 

There are several qualifications for child care workers to get the stimulus check money. You must be working currently, and must also continue for a year after you receive the bonus. Providers also have to be in pretty good standing with the Alabama Department of Human Resources.