After A Two Day Stay, Irina Shayk And Tom Brady Were Spotted In A Hotel In London

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Just a couple of weeks after their visit to LA, the media has confirmed that Irina Shayk And Tom Brady spent above forty-eight hours together this week in a swanky London hotel. Shayk and  Brady “holed up” at the Twenty-Two Hotel on Sunday and Monday. The 37-year-old Russian model departed from one side entrance of the hotel around 7:25 a.m., while the ex-NFL athlete left through an entrance on the back side seven minutes earlier.

Tom Brady Has A Small Romantic Escapade With Alleged Partner Irina Shayk

After meeting Shayk, Brady, 46, drove out to a secret airport with his bags already in tow. From there, he boarded a flight out of the UK. Following the 1-0 victory over Leeds United by his newly acquired team, Birmingham FC, he left for London early on Sunday morning.

The sighting had first been reported by TDM. Shayk and Brady first connected at some wedding event around June, and in late July, they were seen spending the day at Brady’s Los Angeles residence. During the meeting, as he left Shayk off at a hotel nearby in his car, the seven-time Super Bowl champion was seen petting Shayk’s face.

According to a source close to the situation, Shayk and Tom Brady first struck up a conversation in June when attending the wedding of billionaire artist Joe Nahmad to supermodel Madison in Italy. After meeting in June, a different insider told the media the previous month that Tom Brady encouraged Irina to simply fly out of LA and meet him, where the duo had been spotted cuddling up while enjoying a romantic escapade. The insider said last month that the two were together the whole day on a Friday and a Saturday at Tom Brady’s house. The summer flirtation started after Nahmad’s wedding in June, and the source claimed that Shayk and Brady never had anything romantic before.