iHeart Radio Music Awards, Came With Surprises

iHeart Radio Music Awards
iHeart Radio Music Awards

The iHeart Radio Music Awards ceremony 2021 took place on the 27th of May that fell on a Thursday. It was carried out at the Dolby Theater that is situated in Hollywood. A number of talented artists created history this time. They include The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, BTS, Luke Combs, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more.

iHeart Radio Music Awards, Winners

The song, “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, the Canadian singer, won the award of the category of “song of the year.” It also got the award for the “bop of the year” of the entertainment platform, TikTok, after getting voted socially. This makes him the third artist from Canada to take home the award in the iHeart Radio Music Awards. The first two are Grammy award winners Justin Bieber and Drake, the rapper. 

The award for the “artist of the year” female, was won by Dua Lipa, the English singer, and songwriter. She won the award after beating a number of her predecessors including Billie Eilish who won in the year 2020, Ariana Grande who won the iHeart Radio Music Awards in the year 2019, and Taylor Swift, the winner from the year 2015. The other contestants nominated for the category include Megan Thee Stallion.

Dan+Shay, the American music duo who are in the genre of pop-country, suppressed everybody this year. That was because they won under the category of  “all-genre.” The artists created history in the iHeart Radio Music Awards by being the first artists belonging from their genre to win in the category. They won over their predecessors, Twenty One Pilots, the American musical duo, the Grammy award winner, Maroon 5, and the Jonas Brothers. Dan+Shay also usurped the boy band, BTS. 

BTS, the South Korean band, took home the awards for the “best music video” and “best fan army.” They won the video category for the song, “Dynamite.” and this is the fourth time that they won the fan army iHear Radio Music Awards.

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