Stimulus Check Update- Gas Stimulus Payment In The Works

There is a huge possibility that most of the citizens in the lower spectrum of wealth will be receiving gas stimulus check payments sometime during the summer. It is being reported that the gas stimulus payments will definitely help a lot of people that are extremely desperate for the funds to cover what could definitely be looking like liquid gold. While it did look like the prices of gas were going down finally, that victory was short-lived.

The price per gallon is higher than it has ever been- and there are no signs of it stopping. 

Gas Stimulus Check Payments Will Be A Godsend In These Times

According to reports, the demand for gas usually increases in the summer. This can be attested to the number of people that hit the road for the vacation. It definitely increases the price of gas up to crazy highs. For this year though, the gas prices have been increasing for a couple of reasons. Not only is there a summer that one has to contend with, but there is also a war going on in Ukraine.

Due to this war, the President of the United States has banned the import of Russian oil into the country. 

This has resulted in the proposal for a stimulus check payment called the Big Oil Windfalls Profit Tax. This proposal would be placing a levy on the per-barrel tax from most of the major oil companies. This implies that there will always be some excess money in the fuel department, and the extra money could be paying for one’s stimulus payments for the lower-income Americans. 

This stimulus check proposal has met with approval from Congressman Ro Khanna, and Senate Whitehouse- who have also been looking towards newer plans that would cap the prices of gas. With the Gas Tax Holidays- a new proposal brought by the Government- citizens will not have to pay their taxes on gas. 

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