Marty Walsh, The New Labour Department Secretary

Marty Walsh
Marty Walsh

Marty Walsh, the mayor of the city of Boston, got confirmed as the secretary of the labor department. He got chosen on the floor of the US Senate. The total number of votes involved was 68-29. The incident took place this Monday. It is to be noted that Marty Walsh is the first such secretary from the union to be the secretary of the labor department in over a period of four decades.

Marty Walsh On The Importance Of The Position

The two-time mayor is taking over the department of labor at a very sensitive time. There lies a huge responsibility for the secretary to look over. This is because of the fact that millions of the citizens of the United States of America are unemployed. The root cause is the coronavirus pandemic. He will also have to monitor safety at the workplace which is one of the core concerns of the people.

Marty Walsh will be serving in the administration of president Joe Biden. The administration has taken the pledge to provide protection to the union’s power. Along with that, it is also working towards increasing the minimum wage of the federation. The proposed amount is 15 USD per hour.

The newly-elected Labour secretary gave a statement at the confirmation hearing. It was held in the month of February. It was stated that it is very important to take the right action as soon as possible. This is because the entire future of the economy is dependent on it and so are the families and communities of America. Marty Walsh also added that everything must be done in urgency in order to restore and empower the workforce.

Chris Lu, the former secretary of the labor department under the administration of the then President, Barack Obama, stated that this was a very precious moment for the entire department.

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