Cyberattack Causes Illinois Hospital To Close


The St. Margaret’s Health in Spring Valley, a hospital in Illinois will be closing this Friday due to a cyberattack. The closure of the Illinois hospital comes after the cyberattack that happened in 2021, which leaked into the computer system of the hospital jeopardizing patient details and information. 

According to Linda Burt, the vice president of St. Margaret’s Health, the attack hacked into the hospital’s computers and halted them from insurance claim filing. Burt also stated that it took the hospital over months to get the system back online and update the billings. Apart from cybercrime, the hospital has other reasons to close down as well, including a lack of funds to meet the cost of the staff due to the damaging effect of the covid 19 pandemic, the rising inflation, and the scarce chain of supply, as stated by Burt.

Cyberattacks just like the one in St. Margaret’s has happened in multiple other medical facilities and hospitals all over the US, particularly during the covid pandemic. Hackers would hack into hospital computer systems, then lock them and then they asked for a ransom.

Health Facilities Continue Being Cyberattack Victims

Computer systems of healthcare centers and hospitals have been made attempts by federal officials to control, secure, and caution the organization from potential cyberattacks. However, hospitals across the nation continue to be victims of cybercrime. Similar cybercrimes like that of St. Margaret’s are also seen earlier in Idaho. The Idaho Falls Community Hospital fell victim to a cyberattack causing the diversion of ambulances, while the hospital admitted patients in an analog process, with staff working with pen and paper. Hackers have targeted US health facilities from Russia, North Korea, and Iran.