Phoebe Bridgers Faces $3.8M Lawsuit For Defamation By Music Producer

phoebe bridgers
phoebe bridgers

Singer & songwriter, Phoebe Bridgers has been served a $3.8M lawsuit by Chris Nelson, music producer, for defamation. Bridgers is being sued for wrongly spreading wrong and defamatory information about Nelson on her social account.

Phoebe Bridgers had allegedly accused Chris Nelson of grooming, abuse, and theft. According to the report, she had taken to Instagram last year and said she had witnessed and could verify abuse that included violence.

Phoebe Bridgers Had A Relationship With Both Nelson And His Girlfriend

Chris Nelson, who owns Sound Space recording studios alleged that Emily Bannon, his former girlfriend, and Phoebe Bridgers had ganged but against him in 2019.

Nelson says that he and Bannon had a consensual sexual relationship with Bridgers. Even after Bannon broke up with him, she continued to have a relationship with Bridgers.

Nelson claimed that though he had first met Phoebe Bridgers several years ago, he had never worked with her.

Phoebe Bridgers has alleged racially motivated crimes against Nelson, saying that he had beaten a young Latino to death. The allegation also includes fraud and email hacking.

Nelson also alleged in his suit that Bridgers linked her followers to Bannon’s account in which she accused Nelson of racially driven crimes, including the murder.

He has also been allegedly blamed for fraud by selling fake items, stealing from his neighbor, plus hacking the mail of women.

Media posting by Bannon that targeted Nelson was also shared by Phoebe Bridgers. Nelson alleged that Bridgers had posted the defamatory statements with malicious intent and had done it to destroy his reputation.

Nelson has sought $3.8M in his lawsuit against Bridgers. The charges include false light, defamation, inflicting emotional distress intentionally, and deliberate interference with economic relations.

The posts referred to in the lawsuit are not visible on Bridgers’ Instagram account, and it is unclear if the stories referred to have expired or were deleted by Bridgers. Bridgers has so far not responded to the lawsuit.

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