PGA Championship Has Audience Buying Beer For $18!

PGA Championship

The concession menu at PGA Championship Southern Hills was posted on social media on Monday, and the pricing had golf fans wishing for the days when a Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich was the worst of their golf concession troubles.

The beers on the premises at PGA Championship Southern Hills are liquid gold, and they’re priced accordingly. Michelob Ultra is the far most flagrant menu transgression for the hop-minded enthusiast. A single 24 oz. beer can cost $18 at the PGA, which is $1 more than an 18-pack of Michelob Ultra at your local Target. Fans may change their beer to a Stella Artois of comparable size or Mich Ultra organic hard seltzer for $19.

Bargain hunters will rejoice to find that a 12-ounce Kona Big Wave or normal cocktail can be had for $15. When you upgrade to a “signature” or “souvenir” drink, though, the price drops to $19. The greatest value is probably wine by the glass, which costs only $13.

Food And Beverage At The PGA Championship Was Overpriced

Before arriving at the course, the hangover-conscious should plan an alternative hydration strategy, according to one golf writer. Aquafina, the tournament’s official water, costs $6 per bottle. (Temperatures in Tulsa are expected to be in the mid-80s this weekend.) The reaction on social media was predictably apocalyptic. With the elegance of a freight locomotive, PGA Championship Twitter stampeded over the news. The response on Instagram was not much better.

In actuality, though, the price was not quite as high. It was more a reflection of a rising trend of overpriced concessions at professional sporting events. Prices were only slightly lower during this year’s Super Bowl ($17 for a draught beer and seltzer, $19 for a craft brew) than at the PGA. Beers cost $19 and drink cost $25 in the new New York Islanders arena.