In Race To Stop COVID-19, Remdesivir Shows Some Promise But There’s Still No Proven Coronavirus Treatment

The one good thing to come out of this pandemic is that our vocabulary has increased to accept scientific terms with amazing dexterity. A year back, we would have no clue about Remdesivir, or Hydroxychloroquine, or Convalescent plasma, and Tocilizumab. Although most talks shows and podcasts are talking and discussing these medical terms and their utility in the current global pandemic, there is no proven coronavirus treatment available in the market. While Remdesivir shows some promise, it still hasn’t been utilized enough to check all the boxes. 

Gilead Sciences has mentioned that their creation Remdesivir has shown some life in its combat with the virus which has resulted in the death of almost 60,000 Americans. Yet, there aren’t many reports that would prove that Remdesivir actually works as a coronavirus treatment. 

What Is The Current Status of Coronavirus Treatment? 

Currently, most of the treatment against Coronavirus is based on hearsay, guesswork, and extrapolation. Nothing has been assured or proven yet. According to Adarsh Bhimraj of Infectious Diseases Society of America, there isn’t enough evidence that would support the statement that any chemical used for coronavirus treatment would have more pros than cons. 

The New England Journal of Medicine published a perspective story that asked doctors to not base their treatment on how they could the patient but rather on scientific details. For what seemed to be helping the patient could very well harm them. While the families of the sickly would keep on urging that there was nothing to lose by trying out variations in coronavirus treatment, a doctor should go against their Hippocratic oath, which forbade them from doing harm in the first place. 

But Bhimraj is hopeful. Several clinical studies are occurring throughout the globe in an attempt to curb this global pandemic, and results are sure to be coming out in the following months. Coronavirus treatment will definitely be a thing in the near future.