Increasing Student Achievement Through Instruction in Self-Determination 

University Students
University Students

Self-determination is critical for improved performance. Whether at the elementary, college level, or high school, you need a self-determination spirit to succeed in your academics. Students find the way to pay someone to write my research paper and they can inform you why you need to have self-determination. It is a driving force that will make you achieve what you think is problematic. 

The power of intrinsic motivation  

Psychologists can narrate to you how intrinsic is a motivating factor to improved performance. High quality of learning depends on the individual’s inner desire to satisfy their needs such as top performance, relatedness, and autonomy. Leaners’ performance as well when you give a challenging task and provide feedback on their performance promptly. They also receive freedom when you offer a conducive environment to explore, take the initiative and provide a solution to some challenges. Learners will experience relatedness if they discover that others are listening and responding to them. 

When you meet these three factors in learners, they will experience an intrinsic motivation to improve their performance. 

Setting goals to improve performance  

Leaners who set academic goals perform better than those who don’t use help from the best assignment writing services. Plans provide direction to learners by stimulating their internal motivation. students who strive to do well due to their extrinsic reward never exploit their inner potential. External stimulation makes learners lose their interest and lose their initial focus on their rewarded things. When they perform poorly in their tests, they think of themselves as inferior and less competent. 

The use of external rewards has negative implications for self-determination. It lowers people’s initiative and ability to take care of their responsibility regarding their performance. 

The focus on rewarding students to perform well in class also has a negative consequence on their performance. The teaching staff and the management may focus on making the learner happy other than covering the syllabus and providing essential for mastering content. Tests used as a determinant for motivation can also lower the teacher’s encouragement and, as a result, lose focus on attending to learners. Leaners who lose their teacher’s attention and enthusiasm drops in their performance. 

Self-determination has also influenced the students living with a disability. For instance, disabled learners with a high level of self-determination perform better and have greater chances of finding employment after school. Their counterpart with less self-esteem may not have the same privilege as those with high self-determination. 

Application of self-determination to increase student’s performance  

Scholars are finding ways and programs to increase self-determination in students. The program to improve self-termination is primarily focusing on students with disabilities. They are the most affected groups as they face a high level of unemployment and poverty. A curriculum that promotes self-determination among students living with disabilities is another better strategy to improve their performance. 


Self-determination is the driving force for academic achievement and quality of life. Institutions that incorporate self-determination into their curriculum tend to perform better than those without. The education specialist recommends incorporating goals setting, improvement of decision-making skills, and the goal attainment strategy setting as additional support to improve performance. Other programs such as enhanced communication skills and celebration of goals attainment are among the programs to promote self-determination. The program works for both normal and students living with disabilities.