India Expels Canadian Diplomat Even As Trudeau Alleges Indian Hand In Assassination

Canadian Diplomat

The diplomatic and political row that started when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made wild allegations of Indian involvement in the death of a designated Sikh leader, has escalated. The row has now intensified with India expelling a Canadian diplomat who was a suspected intelligence officer.

Khalistani supporters have been responsible for the assassination of an Indian Prime Minister. A group based in Canada was also responsible for blowing up an Air India plane, leaving Toronto, midair leading to the death of 329 passengers. The expulsion of the Canadian diplomat follows the expulsion of an Indian diplomat by the Canadian authorities.

Trudeau Continues To Support National Citizen Even As India Expels Canadian Diplomat For Spying

Trudeau has said that there were credible allegations that India was behind the death of the Khalistani sympathizer. In a move that smacks of political desperation, Trudeau accused India of being involved in the killing of the Khalistani leader in British Columbia in June. The allegation comes even as investigations are going on. Trudeau appears to be desperate to prove Indian involvement even before the Canadian legal system has offered any evidence.

The allegation despite any lack of evidence and the expulsion of an Indian diplomat led to a swift retaliation by the Indian government. It was clearly an attempt to shift the focus from the accusation by India that Canada has for years been shielding Khalistani sympathizers for years. And unlike Trudeau, there is credible evidence that they have been behind numerous attacks including the blowing up of the Air India plane. India claims that Trudeau’s acts and statements supporting terrorist organizations threaten the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation.

Even as India expelled the Canadian diplomat, it released a statement condemning the Canadian support to a host of terrorist organizations, human traffickers, murderers, and organized crime syndicates. It has also urged the Canadian government to take effective and prompt legal steps against all anti-Indian elements that are being aided and abetted by the Canadian government led by Justin Trudeau.