President Biden’s Canada Trip For Amendment

canada trip

Lately, the US and Canada have not been on the best terms given their geopolitical issues. President Joe Biden will be starting his journey to Canada trip on Thursday. He will be in the country for 24 hours to make the tense situation moderate.

This is one of those desperate times when one needs to step out of their comfort zone to make things right. Since it is his quick trip everybody from both countries raised questions. Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden have never been in a verbal or political conflict directly. The tensions started building up subtly and none of them ever allowed it to come to the surface.

Biden’s Canada Trip After Eight Years

President Joe Biden last made his Canada trip in  2016 after former president Trump was elected. He will have a meeting with Justin Trudeau. A gala followed by the meeting at the Ottawa parliament. This Canada trip is focused on recalling and checking what they have together as a country. Calculating all the doings from the past and what to do to make the future brighter.

Canada Trip would also be clearing the air between the two countries regarding the issue of climate change, and critical defense cooperation. The current issue is the opioid crisis. The extra effort to evolve the north American aerospace defense command more modern, that is needed to be discussed.

Immigration and trade are also on the card of discussion. They need to change the economic situation for the good and make this Canada trip a productive one. They are planning for the future to make it more prosperous and economic condition better. Canada Trip to reaffirm the US-Canada partnership. They are willing to promote shared security and prosperity and values. However, their main concern is Ukraine’s safety. Canada has helped the US in various ways to protect Ukraine. Both financially and politically.