Inflation Relief Check 2023: Not All States Are Lucky

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The covid-19 pandemic perhaps wasn’t enough to ruin the economy of the country. The country couldn’t recover from the pandemic, they were crushed with inflation. The country probably faced the worst inflation of all time last year. According to the country’s economic experts, it was the deadliest one in the last 40 years.

It could have been worse if the federal department sent more inflation relief check to survive the situation.

They couldn’t so the states did it. The state government perhaps witnessed the breaking point of their residents. 

California, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Mexico, and a few other states have brought the aforementioned type of checks to lighten up the burden.

Keeping An Eye On The Inflation Relief Check 

While few states are issuing inflation relief check others are still on the verge of deciding if they really want to opt for something huge.

Florida, Texas, and Georgia have decided not to send out checks during the rising inflation. Whereas, others are already sending out inflation relief check. 

Many have renamed their checks on the basis of their need.

However, their residents are getting financial assistance. 

California has proved to be the boss in this matter. They have aced the game regarding sending out financial assistance.

They were the first ones to send out checks even during the inflation last year. They have. Continued to prove their relationship with their residents.

Georgia has not yet decided if they want to send out an inflation relief check or not. However, their governor recently announced a decent amount for further stimulus checks.

California set $6 million for their residents. $600 will be sent to eligible individuals.

Where in Massachusetts they have set $1200 for an inflation relief check and an extra $600 for a dependent, if any.