Jim Inhofe Cracks A Joke During The Confirmation Hearing Of Radhika Fox

Jim Inhofe
Jim Inhofe

Jim Inhofe, the Senator from the Republican party, gave an extremely humorous remark to one of the nominees. He said that if she did behave properly, then he would talk to her father about it. The nominee was from the agency of environmental protection.  

Jim Inhofe Finds Emotions In Family Stories

The conversation, which was an awkward one, took place during the confirmation hearing of Radhika Fox. It was done before the committee of senate environment and public works. It was for the post of assistant administrator for the office of water of the EPA. As of now, Radhika Fox is the principal deputy assistant administrator of the Water’s Office. When the hearing was going on, Republican Jim Inhofe went on to ask the nominee some questions regarding the administration of the former President, Donald Trump.

To be precise, she was asked about “WOTUS” and the changes that were brought about during the administration of the era of Barack Obama. Those changes were responsible for extending the protections and federal authority to wetlands and streams. 

When Fox was giving her answers, the Oklahoma senator interrupted her. After giving an explanation for doing so, Jim Inhofe stated that he needed to listen to her answers concerning the other two nominees for the administration of President Joe Biden at the ongoing hearing. He showed appreciation for the answers given by Fox. It was then that he made the joke about involving the father of the nominee in case she happened to misbehave. 

Following this, Leacy Burke, the communications director of the senate gave a statement. She said that Jim Inhofe is someone who finds emotions in the stories of families of the nominees. Burke further added that the Republican was moved by the tribute paid by Fox to her father while she gave her opening remarks.

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