Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) Surpasses S&P 500’s Daily Gain; Know What It Means


Expert analysts are of the opinion that Intel Corp. is currently rising as the market is gaining in more ways than one. INTC stocks traded at $51.99 in the last trading session. This marked a gain of $1.95% from the previous day’s close. This news came from INTC stocks as S&P 500 made a daily gain of 0.88%, NASDAQ made a gain of 0.7% and Dow added another 0.83%.

Intel, the world’s biggest chipmaker, has made a gain of 11.62% since last month. With these figures, the company has now surpassed Technology and Computer sector’s gain of 11.115 and S&P 500’s high of 9.12% during the period.

Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) Stock Analysis

Analysts expect the Technology Company’s stock to increase in strength by the next release of its earnings report. As per now, Intel Corp. is expected to report $1.10 EPS. This is down by 27.63% since the corresponding quarter last year. The company is expected to announce a quarterly revenue of $17.44 billion, according to the latest consensus. This is also down by 13.7% on a year-over-year basis.

Zacks analysts expect a FY2020 (full year) EPS of $4.89 which shows a positive change of 0.41% since previous year. The company’s net revenue is likely to be $75.33 billion, that is about 4.67% more than 2019. Its current PE ratio stands at $28.42 and the PEG ratio at 1.39.

According to Zack Investment Research, INTC stock has a rating of “SELL” currently. Several other firms have also submitted their reports on Intel Corp. stock. Its estimated EPS has also moved up by 0.02% since last month. According to Zacks’ Ranking system, this company is ranked 126 among 250+ industries. This rank puts it at the top 50% of all the industries enlisted under Zacks Ranking system.